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Jet Skiing For Absolute Beginners!

There are so many types of water sports in the US and a good example is jet skiing. This is one of the most popular and interesting water sports that you can ever take part in, whenever you visit the beach. If you are planning to participate in this sport for the first time, you may be going through tense moments due to anxiety and uncertainty. You may not know how to handle the Jet Ski, how to start skiing, how to increase your speed, how to stay safe in water and so on. However, you no longer have to worry because you are about to learn more about jet skiing tips for beginners.

Boating Regulations

The following is a summary of Florida’s boating laws, found in Ch. 327 and Ch. 328, Florida Statutes.  This information is included in all certified boating safety courses taught in Florida.

Note: This information is accurate as of January 2010 and is subject to change in May of each year.  Please call the FWC’s Boating Safety Section at 850-488-5600 for annual updates to this information or questions regarding boating safety course requirements.

Weather for Miami Beach, FL

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